Kyle and I began attending First Presbyterian about 2 years ago. After we got engaged, I moved to Flint and while we were planning our wedding I expressed to Kyle how much getting married in a Presbyterian church meant to me. I had grown up in a Presbyterian church in Traverse City and Kyle grew up in Flint but was never really involved in a church community. He said there was a Presbyterian Church downtown that maybe we could look into. The minute I walked in I fell in love and we were married by Joseph in this amazing church. After our wedding, I asked Kyle if he would be interested in attending some services.  Kyle began by agreeing to give me one hour on Sunday as long as it didn’t interfere with his Lions Football. It began slowly with pub theology at Tenacity and then a casual mention of Trunk or Treat and then by Christmas we were volunteering at DTM, and Peggy and Bill Anderson became our “parents” by way of performing in the Christmas Pageant. Oh we had two great kids too, Stella and Zack! It was by that time, I had found out we were pregnant with our first child. We knew then how important Miss Angie would be in the coming years, but never could we have imagined what a wonderful blessing she has been to us and all the families with young children here at First Presbyterian.

From there our circle continued to grow as we met person after person that welcomed us with open arms, friendly parenting advice, and new opportunities to serve. We had had the joy of participating in many children’s activities, community breakfast, DTM, choir, and so many other wonderful things that happen here. We are so blessed to have so many great examples of what it means to be a spouse, person, friend and true servant of God. We can never thank you enough for all of the many acts of grace you have bestowed on our family. We are so proud to be a part of the community of faith and we cannot wait for all the exciting years ahead.