About Us

Welcome to the website of the First Presbyterian Church of Flint.  We are a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and we welcome you with the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our congregation is now in its 176th year and together we live lives in such a way that we're changed by Christ's love to invite, nurture, worship and serve those around us.

As you visit this site, you'll discover more about the ministries we offer to reach children, youth, adults, couples, senior citizens, and families with the message of the gospel. Find ones that will meet your needs and others that will challenge you. Most importantly, get involved. By participating in these ministries of nurture you are opening yourself up to be engaged by Christ's love.

God loves you. God is with you.  And every day God wants you to be more like our Lord, Jesus Christ. 


Rev. Dr. John L. Musgrave