Community Ministry

As a church in the heart of the city, First Presbyterian has special relationship with, and an obligation to, minister to those that comprise our immediate surrounding.

Here at First Presbyterian Church of Flint, we are reaching out to those in need through programs and one-to-one intervention.

We offer assistance to the community with referrals for food, clothing, personal care items, household items and bus passes.

We also provide assistance with obtaining a Michigan State Identification Card, Drivers Licenses, and Birth Certificates.

**Please contact the church office at 810-234-8673 for Community Ministry office hours.

* Anyone requesting to be seen by the social worker must present required documents at the time of visit. Contact the church office at 810-234-8673 for a list of requirements.

Driver's Licenses and Identification Cards:

When seeking assistance for obtaining your Driver's License or Identification Card, you must  bring the documentation required by the State of Michigan when you see the community ministry, case worker.
Documents such as:

  • Bank Statements
  • Court Records
  • Department of Human Services documents
  • Expired or previous Michigan driver's license or PID
  • Gun Permit
  • IRS or State income tax forms (no W-2s will be accepted)
  • Life, homeowners or rental insurance policies.
  • Medical records from a physician's office or hospital
  • Merchant Marine ID
  • Michigan voter registration card
  • Mortgage or lease contract (payment book)
  • Parent or legal guardian affidavit for a minor child
  • Pilot's license
  • Prison release documents
  • Professional license
  • School diplomas (no GED certificates)
  • SSI eligibility documents
  • Student loan documents
  • U.S. military discharge or separation documents (DD-214, etc)

Community ministry does not pay for any clearance fees or fines due to the State of Michigan.

*If you are unsure what is required in obtaining a Michigan State Identification Card or Drivers License, please check with the Secretary of State before coming to our office.

Birth Certificates and Vital Records

According to the Genesee County Clerk's office only the following parties are eligible to request a certified copy of a birth record if the request is made by filling out the correct form and you are:

  • The person named on the record
  • A parent named on the record

Community Ministry will assist with obtaining birth certificates from Genesee County or the State of Michigan. Individuals requesting assistance with obtaining a birth record must provide a letter/referral from an agency, housing/rental office or supporting documents as to why there is a need for the birth record(s). Community Ministry will only provide assistance with the purchase of two birth records.

Bus Passes

Occasionally bus passes are given out when funding is available. You must provide verification of doctors visits, appointments, job searches or employment for local transportation only to receive a MTA pass.

Additional Services

Referrals are provided to following agencies:


  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Personal care items
  • Baby needs
  • Small Household items (does not include furniture, beds or appliances)