May 2018 Memorial Gifts


Edith Crummer
to the Music Fund
by Kelly and Joyce Beardslee, Robert and Judith Whaley,
Anne, Jeff and Andrea Rocco.

Myrt Jones
to the Memorial (Building) Fund
by Don and Joanne Willen, Ruth Walder, Deborah Chapman, Helen Robison,
Kelly and Joyce Beardslee, Barb and Steve Smith, Bill and Mary Delaney,
William and Elizabeth Wallace, Richard and Arlene Ruhala,
Russ and Christy Winder, Charlotte Cooper, Ruth Foster,
Alice Jewett, M.J. Ford, Phil and Sue Karau, Don and Evelyn Green,
Patrice Stiehl, Lisa Ballard, Leslie Berryman, Paula and Wendell Jennings,
Sue Falck, Helen and Don Hodges, Pat Minshall, Don and Cynthia Lara.

 M. Isabell Kruchten
to the Memorial Fund
by Robert and Florence Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith,
Barbara and Richard Rindo, Judy Batterson, Nancy and Jim Moore,
William and Susan Shaheen, Kelly and Joyce Beardslee, Florence Root,
Shirley Polen, Helen Millhouse, Yvonne Liggett and Kim Rossi;
to the Gerholz Christian Counseling Center
by Dave and Linda Smith, Stephen and Joan Snyder;
to the Deacon Neighborhood Breakfast Fund by Evelyn Clarkson.



Paul Ytterock
 to the Deacon Neighborhood Breakfast Fund by Todd Lamb.