Moment for Stewardship
Tyler Rossmaessler
November 11, 2018

As my wife Emily and I got to thinking about this opportunity to speak in front of you all today (she is volunteering in the nursery right now); we reflected on why we give to the First Presbyterian Church Flint.  We settled on two reasons:


  1. To remind ourselves that we are not God; God is our Provider and we rely on His provision. 
  2. To participate in the joy of what God is up to here.


We have a unique perspective of this church.

When we moved back to Michigan in 2014, our oldest daughter, Ella, was about 18 months old and we came here for a visit.  When we brought her to the nursery, they had to turn the lights on for Ella. Today, the 2nd Floor is bustling. And, we are really excited every week to hear what our kids are learning when they all leave and go to their worship centers with Ms. Angie on Sunday morning.

 We were drawn here back in 2014. I think it had to do with the fact that every Sunday we were reminded we were sinners, that there is nothing we could to save our selves, but Jesus died for us and saved us.  It prepares us to learn and then that learning prepares us to be sent.  

In one sense, Emily and I still feel new here, we grew up in other churches and traditions.  But in the last four years we each have had lots of opportunities to be involved.  In many ways we have seen behind the scenes.  And I can tell you, this church, made up of real people with real faults, has good bones.  I believe this congregation is committed to earnestly living out what it means to "love God and love your neighbor as your self."

So, thanks for the opportunity to speak today, and let you all know Emily and I give to First Pres because we want to be reminded that God is our provider, but also that it is a joy to participate in the work God is up to here at this corner of the world.