Children are welcome in our sanctuary at any and all times. We aren't uncomfortable by fidgeting, squawking or whatever other wonderful sounds our wee ones make. Children are meant to move, so let them.

Our nursery is open at 9:00 am on the second floor for children birth-4 years old. Some parents take them up before worship, to eat, for a break, or following the Children's Message. It's completely up to you! Our seasoned nursery care staff can assist you with any needs you might have. ur building is pretty large, so don't hesitate to ask how to get where you'd like to go. You may take the elevator to the second floor and turn right, or head up the blue stairwell outside of the sanctuary to the second floor and turn right. You can also get to the third floor both of those ways.

While children are in worship with you, show them what to do. You are their best teachers. Follow along in the Order of Worship, help them find the hymns in the hymnal, read the prayers aloud, assist with Communion. etc. Join our Facebook page, Children's Ministry @ First Prez, for practical ways to incorporate worship and faith formation in your home throughout the week.

All children are welcomed to the chancel up front to sit to hear a message previewing today's Scripture Story mid-way into Worship. Led by our pastors or children's director this is an important time for our Church Family. Feel free to bring your babies down if you'd like. Following a prayer, our Church Family will bless the children as they prepare to exit with Ms. Angie.

Children 4 years and older are invited to join Ms. Angie as the process out of the sanctuary to the third floor (the chapel on the first Sunday of the month) for Children's Worship & Music. First, they will be welcomed and encouraged to quiet their hearts and minds to hear God's Word. The Scripture story from the Narrative Lectionary that week will then be told to them in an interactive way. We build on the stories we've already told and can inquisitively ask "I wonder?" Children are given an opportunity to express gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation to God through song, art, words. We then transition into Children's Music where kids hop, skip, jump, sing, play games, beat on drums all to God's glory. Your child(ren) will be invited to sing along with their friends in the sanctuary throughout the liturgical year if they would like to. We also have opportunities to perform in the Christmas Pageant and a Spring Musical.

On the first Sunday of the month, Children will rejoin their families to take Communion together. Check the Order of Worship or Facebook for reminders of this date. Breaking bread as a family is important to our entire Church Family.

All children must be checked out in person by people noted by their parents, if it's your first time with us, be sure to pick them up from the nursery or the third floor today.

There's something going on all of the time for you and your family. Be sure to pick up a "Got Kids" information card at the Welcome Desk in the Great Hall for helpful hints of where to go and upcoming opportunities. We truly are a family of faith, and we would love nothing more than to have you join us.