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First Presbyterian Church
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Art Gallery Submissions

The Fine Arts Ministry of First Presbyterian Church exists to nurture spiritual reflection and growth through sensory engagement of sacred art work. 

The goals of this ministry are:

  • to provide opportunities for education, inspiration and appreciation of the many forms of spiritual expression found in the arts. 
  • to stimulate and strengthen sensory and spiritual imagination so that God can be more fully revealed and the Word of God more easily accessed by the human mind.
  • to encourage local, regional and national artists to express their personal faith through their work.
  • to encourage the members of the congregation to explore and develop their artistic and creative potential as children of a creative God.

The Music and Fine Arts Ministry installed gallery capabilities in the hallway connecting the Chapel and Sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church in the fall of 2011. The first exhibit – entitled Cross Purposes - opened in October of that year.

The purpose of the gallery is to display art that presents religious or spiritual themes appropriate to the liturgical season or directly connected to the mission and ministry of the church.

The gallery is maintained by the Fine Arts Advisory Team. The Advisory Team develops proposed exhibits and evaluates all art submissions. Outside curators may be asked to assist the team in making artistic evaluations.

The gallery exhibits are scheduled 12 - 24 months in advance to insure our access to highly sought exhibits.

Process for Submissions

All submissions should be made electronically via photo-file.

The photo-file should be accompanied by the submission forms (available by clicking here).

Should the work be considered for an exhibit, the Fine Arts Team will request to examine the actual work being considered.

Submissions should be made electronically to the Fine Arts Advisory Team. The email address is

A description of the work(s) and an artist statement should accompany the work(s). The Submission can also be accompanied by a suggestion for exhibit theme consistent with the purpose of the gallery.

The Fine Arts Advisory Team will evaluate the submission both on artistic merit and on how well it might serve a particular exhibit. Professional curators will be engaged as needed for evaluation. A response will be made within eight weeks of submission.