Each student will study 80-100 stories of scripture covering the following stories of the liturgical year over the next 6 years. Applicable themes will be shared with the students. 

Liturgical year: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost. 

Stories of Scripture:

Creation,  Garden of Eden, Fall, Flood and Promise, Golden Calf, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Joshua, Joel, Moses, Noah, Covenant and Commands, Saul, David, Elijah, Hosea, Samson, Samuel, Solomon, The Temple, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Kingdom Divided, Passover, Judges & Kings, Birth of Jesus, Epiphany, Shepherds Visit, John the Baptist, Baptism of Jesus, Wedding, Woman at the Well, Man Born Blind, Good Shepherd, Jesus and the Twelve, Temptation in the Wilderness, The Sower, The Mustard Seed, The Hidden Treasure, The Unmerciful Servant, The Good Samaritan, The Lost Sheep and Coin, The Prodigal Son, Feeding 5,000, Sermon on the Mound, Wedding Banquet, Healing on the Sabbath, Beatitudes, Healing of Lepers, Man Born Blind, Paralytic, The Pool of Bethesda, Unclean Spirit, Lazarus, Welcomes the Children, The Poor, Transfiguration, Lament over Jerusalem, Rich Man and Lazarus, Triumphal Entry, Last Supper, Peter’s Denial, Jesus and Pilate, Mary Anoints Jesus’ feet, Jesus is Condemned, Crucified, Resurrection, Great Commission, Thomas, Appearance to the Disciples, Emmaus Road, Stephen, Saul/Paul, Paul & Silas, Peter, Paul’s Mission, Letters to the Churches in Jerusalem, Antioch, Philippi, Corinth, Rome, Galatia, Thessalonica, Ephesus, Colossae, Smyrna, and Sardis. 

God Creates, Exiles, Liberates, Directs, Gives the Land; God Calls: Kings and Prophets; God Exiles, Restores; God Speaks: John the Baptist; God Promises a Messiah; God Arrives: Incarnation and Jesus; Jesus calls 12 Disciples; He Directs and Guides, Instructs, Heals, Forgives and Welcomes the Poor. Jesus Reveals God in the Transfiguration, Predicts his Death, is Celebrated, Arrested and put to Death; He is Resurrected, Appears to the Disciples, Forgives Peter, Ascends, and Pentecost takes place; Paul Instructs the Early Church. 

Themes: Identity, belonging, depression, anxiety, stress, purpose, relationship issues-family, friends, significant others, justice, future, environment, college, bullying, adoption, single-parent households, divorce, peer pressure, social media image, alcohol and drugs, and much more.