Welcome Home to FPCF

Welcome to the First Presbyterian Church of Flint! 

We are a thriving and growing downtown congregation with a rich history and an exciting future. Our congregation comes from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences and we are glad to welcome you to our weekly worship. No matter who you are, you are welcome at the First Presbyterian Church of Flint. 

We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States and, more broadly, part of the Protestant Reformed tradition of Christianity. We have been in downtown Flint for over 180 years.

Our Mission

The First Presbyterian Church is engaged by Christ's love to invite, worship, nurture, and serve. 

Our Vision

We want the First Presbyterian Church to be a community of disciples—led by Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit—journeying together as we practice life in the kingdom of God.

Our Core Values

In August 2016, the Session of the First Presbyterian Church authorized the formation of a Vision Task Force with the stated purpose of helping our church leadership at all levels envision and structure what the next decade of ministry will look like at FPCF. After year of labor, a new vision statement and thirteen core values emerged.

Indeed, what follows is not a map but a compass. A map is a tactical instrument, used to chart a specific journey or determine a specific location. A map attempts to describe the exact path to take to reach a destination, and if they are followed precisely, they can be important tools. A compass, on the other hand, is far more flexible of a tool. It does not chart out specific paths or routes to a destination, but rather reports solely on the direction one is traveling. If you are lost, the compass can point you securely in the right direction, but it’s up to you to figure out how to traverse the landscape.

We quickly determined that 21st-century Christian ministry will look little like the mid-20th century era. The socio-religious, political, and economic landscape has fundamentally changed and as such, prior assumptions about theology, church life, and missions are no longer functional. To draw a map for the next ten years of ministry at FPCF is a fool’s errand, for who is to say what the next decade will bring? We are just beginning to take baby steps into the next generation of Christian ministry, how can we map the unknown? Instead, we need a compass, made up of a set of durable value statements that are theological, flexible, and generative.

The following thirteen statements represent the primary marks on our compass. As we chart our course into the future as a congregation, these statements will guide us and will help us stay true to our vision as a church.