Rooted in Christ—Growing in Mission

Everyone who has attended FPCF within the past years knows that November is traditionally Stewardship month.   This year’s theme is “Rooted in Christ- Growing in Mission” and you can look forward to several mailings and personal testimonies in the next few weeks as we prepare to offer our Estimates of Giving (pledges) for the upcoming year.

Stewardship is a multi-faceted issue.   There is the spiritual component.  As the pastors remind us of every week in worship -- everything is God’s and we need to return a portion of what has been entrusted to us to further Christ’s mission in the community and the world.  
There is also a vital financial component to Stewardship as it pertains to the daily operation of the church we love.   The Trustees rely on the Estimates of Giving to determine next year’s budget and expense targets.   Indeed, this year’s 2019-20 budget was reduced because anticipated membership contributions have fallen over the past 3 years.  From 2016 to 2018 annual membership contributions dropped by $64,500 per year-- a 7.3% decline.  This translates into activities and programs that are eliminated or reduced due to lack of funds.  Also, we finished last year with an operating deficit of $10,250 – a direct result of the decline in member contributions.

“In order to hit a target, you need to establish a target” and the Trustees have set a target of $900,000 for this year.  This is $13,400 below last year’s target but is $77,800 above what was received last year.   It is an ambitious goal, but the Trustees are confident that God’s spirit is moving through each and everyone of us to make this a reality. As a daily reminder, the following links allow you to download your choice of a picture with this year’s theme as background to your phone, PC or computer.  Share it with your family and friends.

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