Welcome to THE PIPE

The PIPE youth ministry at FPCF is a safe place in which to discuss relevant issues of faith. We provide a safe environment in which to ask questions about faith, discover your unique qualities as a follower of Christ and grow in friendship with other students.


Sunday Mornings

Each Sunday is an opportunity to join this family of faith in authentic worship at 9:30a. We join together with families throughout the area to worship God through prayer, teaching, and singing. It is a great way to experience a community worship gathering. 


Faith Formation

Following service, we go to the Pipe for some high energy mixers, music and a great educational piece led by Jim Pope and Kaleb Forr for both jr. and sr. high students. 


During this educational hour, we will be following the narrative lectionary with discussion and more information about the story. We will also include, from time to time, Echo the Story, an artistic look at God's story.



Each student will have a confirmation mentor and a prayer partner. They are going to make a chalice with FIA at the end and it is a 2-year cycle with a rotation of teachers for the entire time.  This schedule is subject to change.

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Sunday Evening PIPE

You may be asking what happens at Pipe. Pipe is a safe gathering for students 12-18. We meet every Sunday evening from 6-7:30p for food, fellowship, music, fun and relevant teaching. It is a great night to come and relax in a safe place and discuss relevant issues of faith. We mix great food and fellowship with a time to meet new students and experience interactive worship and have relevant discussion and teaching from the scriptures. We enjoy a meal for the first 20-30 minutes. We have community building fun for 20-30 minutes. We then move to a multi-sensory experience of understanding the scriptures. We desire that students wrestle with the meaning of the stories from the Bible. They will do so by experiencing scripture through visual, auditory, touch, smell and even taste from time to time of the stories of scripture. We will give students opportunities to reflect through expressing themselves in interactive stations as part of the multi-sensory experience. We have compiled over 90 stories from scripture that we will share with students over a 6-year cycle. It will be a total learning experience as well as an opportunity to build relationships with like-minded students. 

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Ministry Opportunites, Trips, and Events

We have a lot of activities throughout the year. We have a couple of retreats in the fall called Disciple Now. We have our own in late September and then join with multiple churches for a combined retreat in early November. These local retreats are relevant, and cost-effective for students. We have a winter retreat in February at Springhill. It is a fabulous getaway for students to grow in their journey of faith. We also do another summer retreat in Charlevoix. 

PLEASE NOTE: If under 18, for all trips, events, and activities that take place away from the church, there must be a medical release and parental activity form on file. Thank you!

PIPE Leadership Team

The PIPE is led by a team of youth leaders that plans all of our events. Being in leadership at PIPE is one way we share our talents and gifts with one another, and it is an excellent opportunity to build leadership skills by working together in collaboration. To join the PIPE Leadership team, speak with Jim Pope


There are four scholarships available to graduating seniors of the First Presbyterian Church intending to enroll in college. Below is a list of current applications. Please be sure to read the criteria and qualifications listed on each application prior to filling them out. 

David E. Molyneaux (1-year scholarship)
Available to a member of First Presbyterian Church of Flint and accepted by a college as a full-time first year, undergrad or graduate student. 

Robert T. Longway (renewable scholarship up to 4 years)
Available to a student who has been accepted by a college as a full-time first-year undergrad student. 

John and Dorothy Stout (1-years scholarship that can be applied for each year)
Available to a member of First Presbyterian Church of Flint, accepted by U of M Flint as a full- time student.

Hope Flynn Scholarship in Pursuit of Music (1-year scholarship)
Available to a member of First Presbyterian Church of Flint, accepted by a college as a full-time first year, undergrad or graduate student. This can be awarded toward music lessons, music camp or a musical instrument for younger students.