Babies and Toddlers


We love kids at FPCF, and we love your child best of all. We want to provide a safe place for your child to grow in the love of Jesus, and we believe that this begins at their earliest moments. 


Where to Feed Your Baby


Should your baby need to be fed, we've got you covered! Just outside the sanctuary, we have set up a "Parents' Room" (in the corner by the water fountain) complete with a rocking chair, changing table, restroom, water and other supplies. If you just need a quick break, want to read a story, or would like to feed your little one this might be an ideal place for you. You are welcome to feed your baby anywhere you feel comfortable.

Upstairs in our second-floor nursery, we also have extra-comfortable gliders in the nursery just for you. You can walk up the blue stairs near the sanctuary or take the elevator down the hall to the second floor.


Nursery and Toddlers (0-4)


Babies and toddlers are such a wonderful blessing to our church family. We are happy to welcome your sweet little one into God’s family by providing comprehensive nursery care and a joyful playroom for your toddler.

You will find our Nursery and Toddler Room on the second floor of our church. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by our seasoned nursery care staff who will happily familiarize you with our space and programs. All childcare staff and volunteers have completed a comprehensive background check.

All children are welcome at any time in the sanctuary, but if you find they might need to expel a little energy or socialize feel free to bring them upstairs.

Our nursery staff is CPR certified and have been serving at FPCF for years. Children must be checked in and out of these spaces by a parent or guardian.




At your direction, your child will be provided a snack and water during their time with us. Gluten and sugar-free options are always available. Please indicate any food allergies or restrictions to our nursery care staff and they will be sure to make note of it. 


Pardon our dust! 


We are in the process of renovating all of our Children's Ministry spaces to continue providing a wonderful, safe, educational, and nurturing environment for your child. Check out our completed new nursery and toddler rooms. Beginning in May 2019 we will embark on an adventure to renovate our entire third floor in order to provide a welcoming space for our children and young families. Exciting!