In Memory of:

Elizabeth Haering
to the Music Fund by Margaret McLaughlin,
Andrew and Sharon Armstrong, Larry and Corinne Kage;
to the Deacon Neighborhood Breakfast Fund
by an anonymous donor;
to the Memorial Fund by Tim, Cherie, Ron, Patti, Jim and Cindy Kuhns.

Byron Schoolfield
to the Gerholz Christian Counseling Center
by David and Martha Berckmueller, Marie Coughlin and Debbie Zacek,
Viola McCain and Larry Boyd, Judith Dawson,
Dave and Jan Nyholm, Bill Basilius, Doug Jameson,
Paul and Phyllis Schroeder, Bill and Peggy Anderson,
Susan Bialkowski, Loie Grandprey, Kathleen Christle,
Heather Burke and Mike Laux;
to the Memorial Fund by Jerri Howell.

Erie Warren
to the Men's Groups 
by Barb and Steve Smith.