May 2019 Memorial Gifts


James Applegate
to the Memorial Fund by Scott and Sandra Johnson,
Gloria and Frederick VanDuyne, Al and Barbara Koegel.

Suzanne Hughes
to the Music Fund by Vikki Haley, Mary Ittigson Baehr,
Dr. Robert Williams, Kay Madden, Ed and Kathy Bradley,
Scott and Adrienne Allen, Wendell and Paula Jennings, and Cynthia Tanke;
to the Children’s Ministry Fund by Larry and Corinne Kage,
Robert and Ruth Beldin, Linda Perry, Mary Porte,
Rich and Shela Richardson, Thomas and Carrie Hufton,
Ethel Davis, Jim and Patrice Whiteside, Rod and Dolores Losey,
Andrew and Sharon Armstrong, Mary and William Delaney,
Judith Schunot, Edwin and Regina Berry, Chuck and JoAnn Gach,
Rosalyn Horning, Joseph and Ruth Thrash, Joe and Violet Crivello,
Anthony and Corie McDaniel, Gary and Mary Peterson, Bob and Joyce Centilli,
Roberts Ridge VFD, the Mandock family, Keith and Anne Baldwin,
Kathleen Muench, Steve and Janice Baillie, and Julie Williams;
to the Memorial Fund by the Vrieland family,
Richard and Arlene Ruhala, William and Leigh Anne Draper,
Thomas and Charlene Pardee, Ted and Carolyn Leffler,
Paula Ryan, Peggy Lamb, Nancy and Jim Moore.

 Stanley Mackey
to the Memorial Fund by Reo Leach, Al and Barbara Koegel.

 Byron Schoolfield
to the Gerholz Christian Counseling Center by Andrew and Sharon Armstrong.

Ronald Schram
to the Deacon Neighborhood Breakfast Fund by Barbara Hardenburg;
to the Memorial Fund by Kathleen Hughes-Perez and Mark Perez,
Elizabeth and David Ostrander, Marie Hood, Nancy Hunter,
Terry and Marlene Robb and an anonymous donor.