November 2019 Memorial Gifts



Donald Green
to the Memorial Fund by
Mary Baehr, David and Janet Nyholm, Richard and Sharon Bunker,
Sharon Shpakow, Robert and Jeannine Kiefer,
Gary Hajek and Melinda Elmore-Hajek, Bobbi Schoolfield, Louise Friesen,
Edward and Monna Suess, Dave and Linda Smith, Esther Jacob,
Alice and Bill Fritz, Erma Hermann, Ginny Fair, Keith and Anne Baldwin,
Tom and Joyce Miller, Frances Daniels, Tom and Peggy Crane, Sue Elder,
Bonnie and Jack Clark, Diane Breitenbecher, Chuck and JoAnn Gach, Lorie Powers, Dennis Goodman, William and Mary Delaney, Donna Wilber, Barbara Stewart,
Joseph and Patricia Higgins, Gloria Throop, Roberta Bridge Bush, Ruth Foster, Richard and Arlene Ruhala, Sharon and Andrew Armstrong,
and the Walnut Creek Condominium Association;
for the Men’s Group by Joseph and Ruth Thrash;
to the Adult Education Fund by Agape Kallis;
to the Deacon’s Neighborhood Breakfast Fund by
Larry and Corinne Kage, Mary Grace McFarlane, Barbara Hardenburg,
James and Nancy Moore, Leonard and Wendy Cronk;
to the Grove by
Rob and Rosemary Lutz, Bill and Peggy Anderson, Steven and Barbara Smith.