The sanctuary organ was built by the Schantz Organ Company of Orville, Ohio, and completed in 1963 with Arthur Strahle as the representative. The organ has six divisions -- Great, Swell, Choir, Positiv, Pedal, and Echo -- and contains 73 ranks of 4,302 pipes. Four additions were added after 1963, prior to the 2015 renovations:  8’ Flute Harmonique in memory of Dr. Richard Gumpper; 8’ Renneckar Trumpet in honor of Mr. William T. Renneckar, Organist and Choirmaster Emeritus; Chimes in memory of Richard Handwerker; New electronic 32’s by Don Becker, Sonic Creations, Cortez, Colorado.

Renovations to the instrument were made by the Goulding and Wood, Inc. Pipe Organ Builders of Indianapolis, Indiana in 2015 including a new four-manual console and adjustable bench of oak and mahogany, re-leathering of wind chests, revoicing of several ranks of pipes, multi-level capture system, piston sequencer, and organ recorder/playback system.

A printable PDF color brochure with complete specifications of this instrument is available here.(include a link to a printable pdf of the organ specifications).