Sanctuary Renovation 2021

This summer, our beautiful Neo-Gothic sanctuary will be receiving some much-needed renovation work. From new light fixtures throughout the room, to expanding the existing chancel space, to installing professional live-streaming equipment, to repairing and enhancing our wooden pulpit and lectern, communion table and baptismal font—the Sanctuary Renovation Task Force is excited about how this project will create new opportunities for creative, Christ-centered, and forward-looking liturgical ministry here at FPCF.

The new light fixtures will be more architecturally consistent with our historic space than our current fixtures and, importantly, will increase the light output in the space by nearly 200% throughout the room, including the choir loft and chancel! And since this will be done using LED bulbs, we will be spending less per year to keep the sanctuary lit.

The chancel expansion will give us an opportunity to create some much needed flexible space for artistic, musical, and liturgical acts both on the raised platform and on the main floor. "The new layout of the chancel will give us more space to easily arrange instrumentalists for worship and for concerts. I’m really excited about the flexibility that it will bring us," says Dr. Carl Angelo, Director of Music and the Arts at FPCF. "Setup for larger concert events will no longer require us to add the ‘chancel platform’ extensions," which are somewhat of an eyesore.

We are also installing two handrails to enable participants to safely access the platform without fear of tripping or falling. Additionally, the chancel and front section of the sanctuary will receive new LVT flooring that is durable, beautiful, and better for sanctuary acoustics and sound transmission.

Wheelchair seating will also be available in a few locations in the sanctuary, including in the front of the space so all persons regardless of ability can be "part of the action."

Our pulpit and lectern—whose woodwork is starting to break—will be fixed and restored and placed on moveable bases so we can easily move them across the platform.  Additionally, our communion Table and font will be restored to match the pulpit and font.

Finally, we will be installing a professional, four-camera livestreaming studio in the sanctuary that will enable us to offer high-quality weekly livestreams of Sunday worship, but also will allow us to make quality recordings of choir concerts, children's pageants, and other events taking place in the sanctuary.

This project, unanimously approved by the Trustees and Session in November 2020, is set to go out for bids this week and will be funded out of last year's significant budget surplus supplemented by Building Project funds set aside for projects like this. We remain grateful to God for the space in which we can gather for worship and eagerly anticipate the possibilities for worship and witness that our new configuration will allow.