Children are a tremendous gift to our congregation. Children are welcome in our sanctuary at any time. Busy Bags are available in the Great Hall if your child(ren) need some space to doodle. Kids are supposed to make noise, do not worry if your little one becomes squirmy or squeaky. Their noises are how they participate and, for us, they are a sign of God's renewal and love. 

We would love to have your child(ren) join us for Sunday School, Parent & Pre-K, Family Dinner Wednesdays, Family Lunch, Mom/Dad Mondays and a whole list of family activities we offer throughout the year.

Meet us on the third floor in Room 311 following worship. Our Sunday School sessions, small groups, exciting activities and other offerings are all created to help form and build child(ren)’s spiritual foundations. Your child is a special gift to our church family, and we are blessed to cheer them on. 

Through multi-sensory learning that is based on the Scripture passages used in worship, children are encouraged to explore their faith and delve deeper into the desires God has for their lives. We do our best to facilitate all learning styles and have an on-site ASL interpreter for students with hearing impairments.

Games, science, cooking, art, and music are all intertwined into experiential lessons about the Gospels and Biblical lessons through the Narrative Lectionary. We are currently using Spirit & Truth Curriculum that coincides with adult education. Parents are given scripture, questions, and activities to deepen conversations throughout the week. Tactile learning, music, skits, and relevant lessons leave a lasting mark on our children. Pre-teens have a dedicated space for small groups and are encouraged to ask questions and encourage one another. 


Children’s Worship & Music


After the Children’s Message during the Sunday liturgy, your child is invited upstairs to our Children's Worship & Music program. There, your child will experience the Biblical story of the week and actively engage in worship through song & movement. On Sacrament Sundays (usually the first Sunday of the month), your child will rejoin you in the sanctuary to participate in our Lord's Supper liturgy.  


Children's Choir


On Wednesday evenings, our Children's Choir meets on the third floor for music and drama and fellowship. We begin with an all-family meal (gluten-free options always provided) at 5:15 pm and Choir Rehearsal begins at 5:45 pm. Each year, our Children's Choir participates and leads our Family Christmas Eve Service, so encourage your child(ren) to come take part.


Young Families


Parenting can be tough with little ones. Good News! We’ve got a fantastic group of young parents navigating this wonder-filled, exhausting and exhilarating journey. We have a thriving family ministry geared towards parents of young children.

We have weekly park meet-up, devotionals, meal trains for new babies, a weekly meal for your family, family lunches, a monthly dinner (with babysitters, so you can take a breather and talk about something other than Elmo). 

Here’s the best part, you don’t have to come to any of it. Come when you can, this doesn’t have to be another thing crammed into your schedule.

We are also about cultivating genuine friendships based on faith and the desire for our children to grow in their love for the Lord. So on those days when it’s rough, you have a community to laugh with, seek advice from, lament to, pray for and walk alongside you and your family. You will be given resources and encouragement as to how you can begin to lay a foundation of faith for your child and deepen it as they mature and grow. If you are interested in receiving an email with our family calendar and additional information email Angie Field.



FPCF is committed to building and maintaining an inclusive environment to all of our congregants, children included. Each Lord's Day, we provide an American Sign Language Interpreter who interprets our worship service and Sunday School ministries. We currently have two children who utilize this service and it has been a wonderful blessing to all of us. All children are taught some basic ASL signs in order to communicate with all of our friends here.

If you need additional resources to meet the needs of your child in worship or Sunday School, please email Angie Field.